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Workshops and Educational Programs

Spreading the beauty of Steel Pan music has taken us to many schools throughout the country, we are able to offer both half day and full day interactive workshops.

We start with an assembly, talk about the history of Steel Pan, where its from and how they are made, demonstrate the different styles of music that they can play and then break up into groups to let the students have ago for themselves.

The session are comprised of playing techniques, working as an ensamble and having fun.

As well as one off workshops we can also hold weekly sessions and after school clubs with instruments provided.

All of our team are DBS Certified. 

Our workshops are open to:

♫ Pre-Schools

♫ KS2 and KS3 Schools

♫ Special Education Needs Schools

♫ Inset Days

♫ Extended Schools

♫ Parent and Child Creative Workshops

♫ Fundraising Activities

♫ Team Building Activities

♫ Corporate Seminars

♫ Motivation Programmes

♫ International Celebrations

Steel Pan Classes

The love for steel Pan music knows no age. Wether your new to the instrument or looking to improve your skills, here's the place for you.

Our Steel Pan School opened in Waltham Cross on October 2015 and has students whose ages range from 5 to 75 years old.

After 6 successful years we are able to offer, three one-hour group classes which are made up of beginners, intermediate and children.

We also offer private lessons on a one to one basis. 

Our classes are committed to the development of each of our students:

Enhances coordination

Promotes teamwork

Music Perfromance

Sharpens concentration

Confidence building

Music Theory

Sight reading

Contact us today to learn more about our classes. 

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